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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gamer Dad: The Character

Gamer dad the character

My son was amazed at how smart I was when I could wrap his hurt arm without the clips and I told him I had a lot of experience, I was a level 40 dad. My level 40 dad character has earned his experience points through lots of work and a constant struggle to learn. We don't level up on our birthday, but we level up when we make a break through or learn something we'll enough. Big events like scout camp with your son or a night of puking  can make us learn more then we ever thought we would. Some times we seem to be beaten down by life. This gives us experience we don't really want. It is like walking through a toxic swamp that is constantly taking away your life points. Without a healing potion like a loving family or friends we may not make it out of the swamp in one piece. Work may be your toxic swamp that makes you have a low energy bar so you can't do much at the end of the day. If we get lost in that swamp we don't get those experience point. Trying to find that item to raise your energy bar could be what you need to get more experience points. Time to play with our kids or spend a date night out could be what we need to become a next level person. I wish I had an instruction book for this game that was more clear. Try and keep an eye on your experience points and look for those moments that will make you level up.

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